Resident FAQs

  1. Rent can be paid with a check, cashier’s check, money order or cash.
  2. You may utilize the online payment option by using an echeck. An $8 convenience fee applies.
  3. We strongly discourage the use of a debit/credit card as the convenience fee is $350.
  1. Rent is due on the 1st and considered late after the 3rd.
  2. Your rent is considered late on the 4th day of every month and late fees are assessed that day.
  3. Additional late fees are assessed on the 8th of every month if rent is not paid in full by the 7th.
  4. Bounced checks are subject to late fee policy.

If you have a repair/maintenance issue, please go to the repair section of our website and fill out a service request.  All non-emergency requests must be logged in. No phone calls, texts, or e-mails will be accepted.

Security Deposits are processed during the last week of the month following the end of the lease. For all leases ending on 1/31/2015 the security deposits will be processed the last week of February in a batch.

We have an after-hours emergency line for repairs related to gas, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing failure.  If you feel like your safety is at risk please call 911 immediately.

It is imperative that a move-in inspection report is filled out and returned to our office.  This report will be your opportunity to document any/all damage that is present at the start of your lease. Failure to return a move-in inspection report to us will subject your to being held accountable for all damage notated during your move-out.  Normal wear and tear is minor scrapes, scratches, blemishes to the property. Large nail holes, anchor holes, screws, etc. leave larger holes in the walls and are considered above normal wear and tear.  Penny size nail holes to hang artwork on walls is acceptable.  Not reporting an issue which in turn causes additional damage to the property due to not being reported is also grounds for being held responsible for the cost associated with that repair.  Please refer to the move-out procedures and cleaning checklist for further clarification.

  • Visit
  • Click tenant login towards the upper portion of the webpage
  • Click create tenant login
  • Under Step 1-Enter your last name in the designated field
  • Your name and account number will appear below the last name field that you just typed in
  • Be sure to write your account number down
  • Then click create tenant login under Step 2
  • Enter a user name of your choosing and create a password
  • Enter in an email address that can be confirmed and that can receive your password recovery request
  • Then submit and you are finished!
  • Be sure to always use “tenant login” towards the top of our webpage to be able to enter in repair requests and to make your monthly rental payment.

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