Customer Reviews

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Resident Testimonials

 We are in our third home through Charleston Rental Properties. Each time, every aspect of our rental experience has been first rate and highly professional! We’d recommend them to anyone!

- The Grants

I have been renting from Charleston Rental Properties for a number of years.  I must say that my experiences have been nothing but professional and top notch.  Any inquiries or questions I have ever had have received responses quite promptly and completely.  Any maintenance issues that I have ever experienced have been resolved very quickly with practically no inconveniences to me whatsoever.

- Larry Strickland

We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with the folks at Charleston Rental Properties for several years.  They are always immediately responsive, courteous and helpful.  As a renter, it’s nice to know there’s someone on the other end who values your loyalty and treats you as more than a transaction.

- Kevin Mills, Daniel Island Renter (9 Years)

Kirsten and I absolutely appreciated all of the efforts you put forth, both concerning renting our home and in the property we rented from you. We could not have asked for better service or a better experience over the past few years. Charleston Rental Properties is always and will always be our first and only recommendation for anyone who needs rental or sales help here in the area. And kudos go to all those in your office as well, it takes a great team as well to support you. So again, thank you for all you have done.


- Steve and Kirsten Parsley

Owner Testimonials

We couldn’t say better things about Charleston Rental Properties! We have used them for one year so far, to handle our rental property and we are very pleased. They thoroughly background check all applicants to make sure you don’t get any “nightmare” tenants! They have also saved us time and given us piece of mind that our home is being taken care of. CRP has been a life saver for us! We have our own business and do not have time to worry about the maintenance and hassle of keeping track of if rent has been paid. They send us monthly statements that are easy to read and we couldn’t be happier!

- Eric & Kelly Kennedy

We have been working with Chris Corbin for about 8 years.  He and others in the office have exceeded our expectations.  We have never had a problem with a tenant.  Chris and team always located the best tenants and if there was a service needed on the condo, the maintenance person was right on it.  Our tenants were always happy and we were never stressed about the property knowing it was in good hands.


Thank you Chris – your truly are the best

- Pamela and Rob Millbury

I am soooo glad I signed up with you not just because you rented my place, but also because you are a good company all over. I will continue to recommend you.

- Marina Cantlon

I’ve been nothing by pleased by using Charleston Rental Properties as my management company.  It’s worth it, if for nothing else, my own sanity of not knowing who/what/when to call when something breaks!  Kudos to y’all!

- Tommy Kennedy

We are happy to have Charleston Rental Properties manage our real estate. The service is great!  We know monthly and in a timely manner, there is an accurate statement and payment forwarded to us.  We are confident knowing that our property is being taken care. Charleston Rental Properties are professionals who care about us and all of their clients!

- Bob and Marci Bianco

My husband and I have used the Charleston Rental Properties for managing our home as a rental for over 5 years! We really appreciate everything they do, we are able to live on the other side of the country and not worry. They have always found us, reliable renters, very quickly and if there are any problems we know right away. They help us maintain the property and keep a clear line of communication between us and the renters. We are so thankful for everything they do and recommend them to all of our military friends who are looking to rent their homes out while being stationed somewhere else.

- Carolyn Shuman

As a landlord, I could not be happier with the service provided by Charleston Rental Properties, which manages a condo for me. I have not had a single issue in over 3 years of their service, and my unit has been occupied nearly every day of that time. All of my tenants have been thoroughly vetted with background and credit checks. I highly recommend their services and plan to continue using them for a long while.

- David Homolak

I have worked with Charleston Rental Properties for many years. At least six or seven. I have always been pleased with there quick response to any of my questions or needs. Accounting is accurate. Payments are never late. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a rental management company.

- Darrin Witt

Charleston Rental Properties is the best management company I have used. Our house has not had any vacancies since we signed with them. They are always prompt and efficient with any repairs that need to be made on our property. All of our communications timely and professional. I am extremely pleased with their performance and I will continue to use them in the future.

- John Coleman

Charleston Rental Properties manages seven rental units for my husband and me. We’ve been with them for three years now and couldn’t be happier. We’ve tried other management companies and no one else is as thorough and professional. We live out of state and rest easily, knowing that our properties are safe and well maintained.

- Elizabeth McGuire

I love Heather and Chris! When our family was faced with the challenge of moving to a different state, I called CRP to handle our property management needs. They are extremely responsive, they follow through with their promises, and I knew my home was in good hands when I left. The only one negative experience I’ve had was with the receptionist but fortunately, all business issues can be handled without ever speaking to her. I would and have recommended CRP to my family and friends. They’re awesome!

- Olivia Gilliard

I have been using Charleston Rental Properties for over 5 years. I have two properties listed through them and they have been very responsive to both me and my tenants when we need something done or if there is an issue. I strongly recommend them for all your management needs in the Charleston area.

- Darren Rogers

They have been very good about communicating with our tenants and scheduling contractor appointments and repairs. We appreciate their service! Peter and Susan

- Peter George

Having CRP manage our rental house was the best decision we ever made. They make the process so simple and take care of everything from repairs to accounting. I recommend CRP to all my friends considering a property management company.

- Dan Nesbitt

we had an electrical storm that “hit” our FROG’s electrical connection. We are in Canada for 1/2 year and it was during this time that the storm found its way to our property. Charleston Rental Properties took over and arranged for all aspects of repair — in our total absence. The event was “fixed” quick as a flash (of lightening) and we were ever so glad that we contracted with CRP. John Edwards & Alexis Phillips

- John Edwards

What a great company – they take the time to understand each clients needs. I found them to be attentive, professional and courteous. If looking for a property management firm – I recommend using Charleston Rental Properties.

- Gwen House

I am very pleased with the way Charleston Rental Properties has managed my property. I have experienced a very low vacancy rate and great tenants, all the while paying lower mgmt fees than other companies charge.

- JD Stephens

We have worked with CRP for 4-5 years. They have been very responsive to our tenant’s needs while maintaining good communication with us. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

- Nathan Clark

As landlords, we have been very pleased with Charleston Rental Properties. They are professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with.

- Laura Hall

They have managed my property for several years now without any problems. I highly recommend them.

- Diego Apunte

I am really glad that I picked Charleston Rentals!

- Jeremy Red

Excellent Property Management: We have used CRP for over 4 years now and our property has never gone unrented. CRP does a great job finding responsible tenants as well as taking care of resolving maintenance issues that arise. We will continue to use them as long as we have the property.

- Jen Holmes

CRP as been very supportive and professional in their role of managing my property. Being out of state and depending on the CRP team to be an extension of me, it is important to me to be able to depend on them to take care of my property. The CRP team is great to deal with and very intentional about communication when there are any issues that need to be addressed. THANK YOU CRP TEAM!

- Chris McDougald

CRP has been managing my rental for 4 years, and have been consistently excellent. As a landlord, I couldn’t ask for better management.

- Deirdre Osthoff

We arrived from the UK last year and found a fabulous property to rent through this company. They managed to get us moved in very quickly with no hassle. We had an issue with the boiler and the company was very quick to have it looked at. would highly recommend this company, and if we ever come back to Charleston we will be sure to use these.

- Jo Wellor