Keeping Your Cool


The last of the winter chill has finally left, and Charleston is in for warmer temps for the long haul! We are dusting off our beach chairs and stocking up on sunscreen, but before hitting the coast, our team takes a few steps to keep our homes cool, and our energy bills low. Check out these three quick tips, and keep your cool all year long.


 1) Shades: they’re not just for your eyes!

Invest in some heat and light blocking curtain panels for those windows that receive direct sun. You can pick these up at Walmart or other big box stores for less than 20 dollars a piece. They come in a variety of textures, patterns, and colors, but if you aren’t wanting to redesign your room, you can easily tuck neutral panels behind your “display” curtains.

2) We’re big fans of fans.

Ceiling fans, to be specific. Most homes already have them, but did you know that they can lower the perceived temperature in a room by about 3 degrees. No ceiling fan, or in need some extra whoosh? Pick one up at any big box store. Models are available to fit any budget, and we think that the tower model is a bit more attractive than your standard box fan.

3) Sweet Dreams.

Temperature regulating bedding is all the rage these days, and with good reason. sleeping in a cooler environment promotes a deeper slumber. We love moisture wicking sheets, cool-touch pillows, and replacing our winter comforters with thinner, lighter weight varieties. Not only will investing in summer bedding improve your sleep, it will save you money on cooling costs during those hot summer nights.

How do you stay cool in Charleston? Let us know at!