Introducing: Our CRP Rent Ready Program


At Charleston Rental Properties, we want our residents to have the best experience in the industry, and we know that move-in ready homes drive that experience. CRP Rent Ready homes have been inspected to meet our standards so that we can fill vacancies faster than any other management company. Our Rent Ready Program has been designed to serve the needs of our residents and our property owners alike! Check out what we look for in a CRP Rent Ready home below.

Exterior Standards:

  • Landscaping finished, and grass freshly mowed
  • All trash removed
  • Gutters cleaned
  • General exterior clean, with nice curb appeal
  • Bushes trimmed, and landscape beds weeded
  • Fresh pine straw or mulch in flower beds

Interior Standards:

  • Interior has been professionally cleaned, including professional carpet cleaning
  • Walls are fresh and clean, with only small nail holes or minor scratches.
  • All doors, doorknobs, drawers, and cabinets are functioning properly
  • Windows are clean and functional
  • Railings are secure and tight
  • All electrical fixtures work and are furnished with lightbulbs
  • All appliances are clean and in working order
  • All plumbing fixtures are leak free and functioning

Run This Town: Races for a Cause

Our team here at Charleston Rental Properties is an active bunch. Between chasing kids and walking dogs, keeping homes in top shape, and hitting the gym, we like to stay on our toes. Sound bodies, sound minds, sound properties. That isn’t exactly how the saying goes, but we like our version.

Our list of passions is long, but giving back is one of our top priorities. Benefit runs are plentiful in the Charleston area, and with the spring weather warming us up, we are excited to announce our involvement with two events this year. Next month, we will be attending the 15th Annual Moms’ Run as a Media Sponsor. Later on in the year, we are joining forces with the Travis Manion Foundation to sponsor the 7th annual 9/11 Heroes Run. Get the details on both events here, and lace up your running shoes!


15th Annual Mom’s Run:


When: Saturday, May 12th 7am-11am

Where: MUSC Health Stadium

Why We Run: Postpartum Support Charleston helps the 1 in 5 mothers who are struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), like postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. When a new mom is struggling with these disorders, it is difficult for her to take care of herself and her baby- an already challenging job. Money raised through the Mom’s Run builds grants for therapies that empower mothers to get the help they need. Postpartum Support Charleston also performs community outreach, including educating and supporting mothers and their families, the medical community, and the general public about PMADs, available treatment options, and community resources. A healthy, happy mother is able to raise a healthy, happy and thriving child- that’s worth lacing up for.




7th Annual 9/11 Heroes Run:


When: Saturday, September 8th 9:00 am

Where: Daniel Island Fire and Police Department

Why We Run:  In addition to bringing the community together to honor our servicemen and memorialize 9/11, this event also serves as a crucial fundraiser for the Travis Manion Foundation. The Travis Manion Foundation implements programs that support our nation’s veterans and Gold Star families. Half of the funds raised will be donated to local first responder agencies to purchase life-saving tools and equipment. We can’t wait to run for such a powerful cause. Join us! In the word’s of Travis Manion himself, “if not me, then who?”