Spring Cleaning: The Pollen Edition


Spring is in the air, Charleston! And unfortunately, so is that allergenic yellow dust. Keeping pollen out of your home (and your nose) is no simple task, but these helpful hacks should have you breathing a bit easier this spring.


1. Change those pillowcases:

Weekly bedding changes aren’t going to cut it this time of year, especially when it comes to your pillowcase. Invest in a few extras, and try to change them out every 2-3 days. Why? We track in a whole bunch of pollen in our hair, eyebrows, and facial hair. Even after a good shower, some of the annoying allergens is going to make its way onto your pillowcase each night. Fresh pillowcases mean that your face is smooshed up against far fewer allergens each night. And if you think about how many hours we spend breathing pillowcase air….well, it’s worth the change.

2. Up your doormat game:

Your entryway is pollen’s go-to gateway into your home. Up your defense mechanisms with a few simple upgrades. If you haven’t replaced your doormat in a while, now it the time. Look for one that can be easily cleaned so you can keep it pollen free. Same goes for those indoor, entryway mats. Give them a deep clean, or replace them with a dust trapping material. Bonus points if the mat is machine washable!

3. Kick off your shoes:

Leave your shoes at the door this spring. Not only will you keep your floors cleaner, you will track far less pollen into your home. Plus, the Europeans praise the habit as a relaxing way to return home at the end of a long day. Win-Win, right?

4. Suck it up, buttercup:

We’re referring to your vacuum. Again, if you are hanging onto an old, clogged up machine, consider investing in a newer model that has a HEPA filter. This will ensure that you are actually catching those allergens in the carpet, instead of just kicking them back up into the air. Stick to a vacuuming schedule of at least 1-2 times each week to keep the sniffles and runny eyes at bay.

5. Freshen up the “fur” babies:

Pets may be man’s best friend, but their fur is pollen’s favorite hiding spot. During peak allergy season, brush your pets daily (outside!) to remove as much pollen and dander as possible before bringing them inside. Look for a grooming brush that will really get in there and remove undercoat and dander. And don’t forget: bath time for the pets should happen once a week during the spring season.

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