Property Management Fees

At Charleston Rental Properties, our property management fee structure is very simple.

First and foremost, we do not collect a management fee if your property is vacant. We consider that strong motivation to secure a qualified tenant and do it as quickly as possible.

We have a one-time setup (origination) fee of $375 per property.  We then charge 10%* of the gross monthly rent for an unfurnished property and 15%* for a furnished property for the management of the rental.  We ONLY collect the management fee if there is a tenant in the property.

Most of the other companies in this market will charge their owners at percentage of rent or a flat fee to place a tenant or every time there is tenant turnover.  We DO NOT charge a leasing or re-leasing fee to our full-management clients.

Please fill out our Rental Property Evaluation to get a free analysis of your property for today’s market.

Our team is highly experienced in landlord-tenant relations. If you would like to learn more about our services, please visit our Charleston Property Management section.

*There may be a minimum management fee associated with properties whose rent is under $1000 a month.