Owner FAQs

We strive to have all owners paid on or around the 10th of each month. (Variations due to holidays and weekends apply).

We take every measure to ensure payment is received in a timely manner. We have an internal collections process which consists of phone calls, email and letters. In extreme cases we will utilize an outside collection agency and report the debt to the credit bureaus as well as enforce the eviction process.

Any maintenance/repairs are paid through your rental income on a 30 day term.

If you need change your account for automatic deposit, you may email the information, provide a new copy of a voided check or contact our office directly.

We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of our management services and trusted list of licensed and insured vendors. Additionally, we like to maintain privacy and security for both the owner’s and tenant’s sake.

Yes, however, with small ticket items (typically under $350) an estimate will usually be higher than what the actual cost may be. If the vendor is dispatched to take care of minor issues then it is more practical for the vendor to show up and complete the list and charge for the actual time/materials rather than make additional trips to the property which will generate a higher cost.

Repairs are paid out of rental income and deductions are reflected on monthly owner statements. These statements are available to review online and typically post on the date of payment.