There are some real horror stories circulating out there about the common practices of Charleston area property management companies. Lack of service, over charging, and poor performance are just a few ways that some property managers fail to meet the needs of the clients they serve.

At Charleston Rental Properties, our expert team of property managers is focused on making your rental process seamless, from advertising your listing and locating the right renters for your home to managing renter-owner communications and facilitating repairs. We pride ourselves on conducting business with integrity, rooted in the values of honesty and true commitment to our customers.

We do more than simply fill vacancies in your home. Charleston Rental Property currently manages over $130 million dollars in client-owned property and our reputation is unmatched. We go to work on your behalf and deliver top notch results on your investment as if it were our own.

It makes dollars and sense to choose Charleston Rental Property to manage your investment property. Contact us today for more information on how we can serve you!

The Top 10 Epic Fails of Property Management Companies

1. No Tenant, But You Still Pay Fees

You should never have to pay when a company is not doing what they were hired to do. With CRP, you don’t pay a cent until we get results and start bringing in rental income.

2. You Pay Leasing Fees

You hired a company to manage your property, not just lease it. If you are dealing with a company that charges leasing fees, you are being taking advantage of- RUN. CRP charge a true ONE-TIME origination fee instead of ongoing leasing fees.

3. You Don’t Have an Eviction Guarantee

Some companies don’t provide an eviction guarantee. We are so confident in our tenant screening process, that we will refund all management fees paid to CRP should we have to evict a tenant within the first six months of occupancy.

4. It’s a Big Hassle to Cancel Your Property Management Contract

Some property management companies make it extremely difficult to get out of your contract, even if they aren’t performing. If we don’t rent your property within 30 days of you turning it over to us, we will allow you to cancel your agreement with us at no cost.

5. Slow Turnaround Between Renters

Faster turnaround equals more money in your pocket and property managers can be known to take their time in prepping your property for the next renter. The CRP Rent Ready Program ensures that your property will rent quickly by following strict quality control guidelines and certifies that your property is move-in ready right after move-out.

6. No Property Inspections – Rent It and Forget It

Ever wonder if your property is being cared for during the lease term? Very few property management companies even take the time to inspect your property while it’s being leased. Charleston Rental Properties demands that our tenants respect and care for your home, providing a routine inspection approximately every 6 months. This ensures that your place is being maintained, and that your individual leasing terms are being followed.

7. Tenant Damage to HVAC Systems

The biggest preventable expense that homeowners deal with are related to HVAC repairs. All tenants who occupy your home are enrolled in our quarterly air filter program, which regularly delivers appropriate filters every 90 days to ensure that your HVAC system is kept in the best shape possible.

8. High Priced Repairs

We can’t say this enough- you hired us to manage your property, not just lease it. We pledge to make quality repairs and improvements to your property at the best cost structure in the market. Should you find a lower price from a qualified vendor before work commences, we will match it.

9. Poor Response Time

Our concept of agency is different than our competitors. We owe you personalized service, from a PERSON, not a robot. Leave us a message or email, and you will hear back from us personally within one business day. Every time.

10. Lack of Service

You should know exactly how your property management company is performing on your behalf. From tenant selection to repairs and accounting, we keep you up to date on every detail regarding your property.

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